Olly Q&A in today’s Mail on Sunday ‘You’ magazine…

What advice would you give to an X Factor contestant?

Stay grounded and be yourself – people at home will see your honesty and vote for that. I think Stacey [Solomon], Joe [McElderry] and I did well in our year of The X Factor because we were just ourselves and enjoyed it.

What was your plan B career-wise?

To go back to college to study music. I really wanted to get into music, so that was my next step. But luckily, I never had to.

Your best kiss…

I would say the best was quite recently. I went on a date – it was a nice evening and, yeah, I was pretty impressed. I can’t tell you her name but it was a very good kiss.

Most embarrassing moment?

When I fell down the steps at Guilfest this summer. If you type, ‘Olly Murs falling on stage’ into Google that’s what you get! Luckily I didn’t break anything, but it was very embarrassing! 


Arrogant, spray-tanned Essex lads. I have met a fair few, and they give us Essex boys a bad name!

Who is your dream date?

Kate Beckinsale – she’s gorgeous. I met her in America, and she is one of the best-looking girls I’ve ever seen.

Where is home?

Chelmsford in Essex. I live ten minutes from my parents now that I have finally flown the nest.

What do you spend most of your money on?

Lots of Marks & Spencer’s food.

Your weirdest piece of fan mail?

A cup with the fan’s face on it and a note which said, ‘I am your biggest fan. Think of me when you’re having a cup of tea.’ It was weird but nice at the same time. I have a great fanbase.

Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter. I think it’s an easier and safer option. I have over three million Twitter followers.

Have you made any sacrifices for success?

I miss my weekends off – going out with my mates for a few drinks on a Saturday night, and then a Sunday roast at my nan’s.

Starstruck moment…

Meeting Michael Bublé and Robbie Williams on The X Factor– they are my two biggest idols, so to meet them was amazing.

Olly’s new single ‘Troublemaker’ featuring Flo Rida will be released on 18 November

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